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I don't have a specific memory of Lisa Carter that I would like to focus on. There are far too many to pick just one. Instead I'd like to express my thoughts and feelings about our friendship.

I've known Lisa over 25 years. When we met in our early teens I was immediately drawn to her spirit. She was an intelligent, fun-loving and positive young lady. Her smile and laugh were infectious. We could have a party just traveling to and from school.

Initially I was shocked to find out that she was also a mother. I couldn't believe it and often tried to picture myself in her shoes but I couldn't due to my immaturity and lack of life experience. I couldn't imagine someone my age being a mother and responsible for another life. Soon after I got to meet her son and was able to see Lisa first hand caring for him. It changed my mind and opened my eyes. I was amazed for the obvious reasons. As an adult and now a mother I can only imagine what her struggle was really like and I have nothing but complete admiration for her.

Lisa was a phenomenal mother even at the tender age of 13 years old. She lived for her son and he was her world. I'm sure at times it was a struggle to be a mom and a teenager but I never saw it. Lisa always put her son first and would decline hanging out or going places to be with her son. She read him bed time stories, played with him and did all the other things great mothers do. The one difference was Lisa was a kid.  Though she was young, she was focused.She kept her grades up and worked to make the best possible life for her family.

When I think about all that she has accomplished, I'm overcome with pride and love. This determination and devotion is the foundation of her life. Lisa is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Through all of life's changes Lisa has remained steadfast in her character and morals. She has beat the odds and grown into an amazing woman. Every aspect of her life speaks to the type of person she is and she deserves all the best that life can offer.

- K. Latson

Many things can be shared about a person who you've known since middle school to life after college.  Often times there are moments in time where the true character of a person...who they are....gets revealed.  What I know for sure about YOU is this, you are family oriented and always have been. Raising your son at a young age while going through the grief of loosing your mother could not have been easy BUT you persevered. You maintained a certain level of ambition to complete school where others would have given up. The value of education and knowing it's importance were in-stilled in your children. If I were to write about only POSITIVE things as though you were a angel, your book would not be the truth nor would it capture the good and the bad which is what made you who you are to day. Like most teenagers and young adults, smoking weed was a choice you chosen. It was also a choice you made to quit on your own.  Your ability to speak to this as testimony for others should not be shunned but respected. To say the road for you was straight and narrow would be a lie BUT it was and is YOUR road and look how far you have come. Your family is a reflection of YOU and I am sure the reflection expresses joy, love, unity, challenges, accomplishments, wonder, curiosity and faith.  

                                                                                             E. Morrison

I have known Lisa since she was three years old. I was assigned to the family by the Department of Social Services. Lisa lived in a one bedroom apartment with her mom and grandfather who were alcoholics. Eventually I was able to move them to their own apartment. As a 7th grader Lisa passed the test for Boston Latin school. However, soon after she started she was moved to a foster home.  Lisa became pregnant. Shortly after, her mother died from drug and alcohol abuse. Lisa's child suffered from severe asthma. She grew up fast learning how to help her son. There were a series of foster homes Lisa and her son moved in and out of, however with it all, she was an excellent mother. She got her son into the Thompson Island program and her daughter into a good day care. She did well in school and graduated high school. She worked in pregnancy prevention and teen parenting programs. Lisa finally joined a church and later met her husband. They had a little boy and Lisa went back to school. She graduated from University of Massachusetts, then relocated to North Carolina. Lisa has been working in human service positions ever since.  

 J.  Rosenberg

“OUR LISA!.....A Soul Who's Been Here Before...”


Seems like this young lady has been a part of our family ….  forever....part of our family's best growing years! I honestly can not tell you precisely when our family was first introduced to this humble and sweet young lady.  Possibly, sometime during her and our daughter, Keniaah's freshman year at English High School. I knew she was someone exceptionally special, otherwise our daughter would not have brought her to our home!  But, I do know when I greeted her, I noticed that Lisa's smile lit up so beautifully – gorgeous dimples, kind face and with a gentle voice, Lisa was a good person! I came to know her very well. Lisa had a spirit what was very gentle and caring.  This radiated from within! From then on, I believed in her and she would forever be welcome as a part of our family!


Over time, Lisa had shared some of  the most heart wretching life experiences and chapters of her young life.  Many times, my heart bled for her and at the same time I felt an overwhelming anger and hatred for those who had wronged her – unjustly, without conscience or compassion!  I truly wanted to avenge her suffering for she was just a child – defenseless in our world.


What I wasn't ever prepared for … was being gifted the power of her inner strength and unwavering belief in God!  Even though life had been cruel, terribly unkind to Lisa – she forged onward like a warrior without bitterness or self-pity!  It came to me that Lisa was powerfully different – born for 'greater things to come'. Lisa's faith in God, self, and unfaltering loyalty and  support from those who love her...fueled her through her day-to-day challenges! Lisa's inner strenghth is simply amazing and inspiring!


Lisa's life story is phenomenal and leaves one speechless!  She is one of the most loving and compassionate individuals I've come to know.  One who will 'go through hell & high waters for her babies', becomes a fortress for those she believes in and offers an undying friendship and loyalty to those she treasures.


Lisa has always captured my respect, heart and admiration and forever will.  I was blessed to have been a part of her life while she was in the thrust of her metamorphosis!.....a beautiful young woman, mother, an honorable friend and a gift to all of us!  We love her and adore her always!


There is not a broad enough range of  hues, shades of colors in the finest of this world's gems that can outshine Lisa!......As I said in the beginning, Lisa is “a soul who's been here (in this world) before!


- By Ma (Mrs. L. Cheek)

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