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20 years ago, I said, "Yes."

I'll never forget seeing you standing in that line.. "Who are you looking at?"said my friend, Lashawn.  After she noticed our eyes locked on one another, she said, "Girl, we are here to have a good time!" Lashawn knew I had just gotten out of a relationship that wasn't the best for me. She knew I didn't even start the healing process from previous relationships and wanted me to JUST have a good time that night!!! Well, it's 20 years later and I am having a good time! Lashawn encouraged me to get out for an evening with the girls and I'm glad I did. Our children are now young adults. Now it's time for US to experience some of the things we have always dreamed of. Let's take long walks. Let's go put our feet in some blue water. Let's continue to reminisce and be grateful for the good and the bad because it has made us who we are today. Thank you for loving me through my pain. I have always been a go getter, but it's nice having you by my side to "go get it" with. I love and appreciate all the sacrifices you have made. Here's to many more, boobooish! Happy Anniversary! 6/19/99😘🙏🏼

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