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Judy, you will be missed❤️

Do you remember Judy?

Judy is the social worker assigned to my family by the Department of Social Services when I was 3 years old.

Throughout my foster care journey and the loss of my mother, she remained committed to the call.

⏩What call?

The call to serve as a "catalyst" to push me towards the very things EVEN she never imagined I'd be able to do.

After all, I was a ward of the state, an "orphan", a mother at 13, and caught up in the things leading to a life of destruction.

Nevertheless, by the grace of God and determination, I managed to beat the odds.

Judy stuck around though; she was "bold" enough to go for the crazy ride.

After watching me untangle the web I weaved, she sat back in utter amazement & expressed how proud she was to see how I turned things around.

When I wrote my book, she read it in an hour, then called to say how much she never knew about my past...

I said, "Nahhh, Jud, I couldn't spill all the beans"!!🤣

Although you will not have an opportunity to read part 2, I am so grateful I shared my sentiments with you before you transitioned.

🔹I will miss our weekly calls.

🔹I am blessed to have been so near and dear to your heart.

🔹I'm so glad I made you proud.

With Lots of Love, "Lis" ❤️

BEHIND THE SMILE: How Pain Prepared Me For My Purpose

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