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A Message

There are no words to describe the overwhelming emotions I feel while watching you work through the circumstances of life.

I appreciate your ability to express your thoughts in a way that makes perfect sense..

I value your willingness to love despite living in a world that does not always celebrate love..

Your grit.

Your tenacity.

Your optimism....

ALLL of that, and then some..

Gives me hope..

Gives me a reason to keep fighting..

Gives me another lens to look through..

Your hugs.

Your smiles.

Your sassiness..

Yes, allll of thatttt! Been there, done that.

It gives me strength.

There is a purpose for your life.

No matter what things look like.


Have a spirit filled school year!

With Lots of Love, Lisa❤️

BEHIND THE SMILE: How Pain Prepared Me For My Purpose







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