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He's 30??!!

According to statistics, you should have dropped out of high school, been in prison or even worse, be dead. You have beaten the odds and today I celebrate you. I celebrate your genuine nature to embrace people for who they are. I celebrate your ability to discern whether or not someone is truly for or against you. I celebrate your willingness to remain hopeful, even when things seem dark. You are a light to the world. Yeah, yeah, I know you are thinking, "Nahhhh, I've got a LONGGGGG way to go!" Actually, we all do, but one thing I know for sure is that you are here for a purpose. From foster home to foster home, we were together. I wanted so much more for you. I remember looking at you and feeling hopeless. When I attempted to take my life, I was granted another chance. After giving it more thought, I realized it was not as bad as it seemed. I believed the pain I was feeling would someday subside and it did! We survived! Happy 30th birthday, Man-Child of mine. You are smart. You are strong. You are handsome. Keep smiling. The Future is YOURS to create. I love you.❤

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