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It. Is. Finished.

It. Is. Finished. By the grace of God, prayers and your outpouring of love, I was able to submit my first manuscript. The final push was presented with heart wrenching news that solidified my inability to complete within my own strength.

After sending to publisher, my husband said, "Do you realize what you just did?" It's taken a few days to process some of those emotions, but wanted take a moment to say, "Thank YOU for believing in me."

A very special thanks goes to my husband and youngest man child for covering me through this final stretch. They kept the peace in our home, saw me work through my most vulnerable moments and let me dance, rap, & sing around the house like no one was watching!😆😆

To show my appreciation to them, I made sure their "belly was full" 😆 Thank you @sugarpearls_online for delivering an AMAZING meal to our home. It you wanna know how good it was, take a look at the plate.😆🙌🏽❤

Please continue to DO what you have been purposed to do! I love you, Lisa

Website: Instagram:@lisacarterspeaks

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