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My Inner Thoughts...

With a heavy heart, I write these words in hopes of coming to some sort of an understanding.

When tragedy meets the world, we receive the news through a phone call, social media, or our local news. It's common to hear the news, pause, reflect, then shortly after, move along until "the next big event" happens.

It's human nature.

But the series of events over the past couple of years hits different...


Through heartache, frustration, and utter confusion, we still got up, pulled ourselves together, and faced this world each day.

Simply magical.

A Blessing.



There is something deep down in the pit of my soul saying, "it's time to prepare."

Prepare for what?

Prepare for opportunities to choose love.

Prepare for what matters most.

Your life.

My life.

Our children's lives are what matters most.

I believe the circumstances of life give us opportunities to choose love. Love is the most powerful tool we have been given.

Yet, it's so easy to put on the back burner.

Let's prepare to open our hearts and receive the love waiting to dwell in us.

Let's join our hearts together for all who are hurting and asking for answers...answers to questions they may never understand.

With Lots of Love, Lisa ❤️

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