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* I do not own the rights to this music.

WHO is this little girl?

I continuously asked myself this question as I wrote and reflected on my earliest memories growing up in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

This picture reflects that time period and is my only "baby" picture. I came across it three years ago while looking through my great aunt, Sue's, photo albums after she passed away.

Having the opportunity to look into "Lee Lee's" eyes gave me another nudge towards writing my story. 🎂Happy Heavenly Birthday, Aunt Sue. Thank you for keeping my picture safe.

❤🙏🏼By God's grace, my memoir, Behind The Smile, will release January 2022.

Great moments. Sad moments. Courageous moments. Life moments.

❤Family, thank you for your love during this very vulnerable time in my life. I heard and I believe; To whom much is given, much is required.

❤Please have a safe and spirit filled season.

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